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Version 1.79

New Features 

Customer Mobile App: 

  • Android and iOS users can export orders up to a year old in two-month groupings. 

  • When creating order requests, users can now search for mixes and additives by prod uct code. 

Driver App: 

  • The Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) now allows drivers to create categorized  and uncategorized “Other” defects. These “Other” defects are “Unrated” (neither major,  nor minor) and will trigger the warning dialog to alert drivers of potentially hazardous  defects.

Creating an “Other” defect in the  DVIR.

Dispatcher App: 

  • A new administration screen listing all Trucks in the region has been added. • The paperless flag can now be set on both the Companies and the Jobsites  administration screens.

The paperless flag can be set on the company level from the “Companies” admin table or on the jobsite level from  the “Jobsites” table.

Version 1.78

New Features

All Apps: 

  • “Extra Charges” are now listed separately throughout the applications.  Notably on the export and within e-tickets.  

Customer App: 

  • Up until 2 hours before the scheduled delivery time, customer app users  can reschedule the date or time of an order. It’s status will change back to  “Requested” and require dispatcher confirmation. 
  • In the order chats, Broadcast messages will now be colored black to pre vent confusion between Dispatcher messages and Broadcast messages. • Users can export orders up to a year old in two-month groupings. [iOS  only, Android in future releases] 

Driver App: 

  • The term “Out of service” has been added to the DVIR summary screen to  emphasize that trucks with “Major” defects should not be used. 

Dispatcher App: 

  • Company and Product tables are available for use on the User administra tion screen. 
  • Custom Jobsite Fields are now visible in the Order screen. 
  • [Bug fix] Driver Messages will no longer show as “Expired” . 

Version 1.77

New Features

Excel Exports: 

  • The ticket export for Excel will now tally the number of quick selection  chips a driver added to each ticket. This will help keep track of Super P,  waste, and wait time. 

Dispatch App: 

  • A “Companies” table has been added to the ConcreteDirect Administration  screens. Here, dispatch app users can view and search for companies by  name, company code, and ship-to address. 
  • The bug that attributed “Orders accepted” to the first dispatcher to com ment on an order has been fixed. 

Driver App: 

  • The Push-to-talk (PTT) feature will now always display what channel or  contact that a driver is currently connected to. 
  • Drivers will be able to turn PTT channels on and off when they are rele vant.  
  • Channels will be displayed in their own dedicated list. 
  • Drivers now have two audio controls. One for communication tools and  another for map guidance. The driver tablet settings can be accessed in 3  ways: 
  1. Swiping down from the top of the tablet. 
  2. From the “More” screen, the “Settings” button can be pushed. 
  3. The “Map” screen has a settings icon that can be pushed before or during  navigation.

CD PTT Enhancements:

Extended Audio Settings:

Version 1.76

Features & Enhancements

Customer App: 

  • The “duplicate order” button moved to upper right corner  of the app. 
  • iOS phone users can now use clickable links in order  chats. This includes urls and phone numbers. Android us ers will see this enhancement in the subsequent release. 

Excel Exports: 

  • A column to the export titled “Test Slump” will be popu lated with the slump values entered on driver tablets in  the “Test results” field. 
  • The “Water added” column on the export will include the  3 water additions of a payload and the volume to which  they were added.

Driver App: 

  • The motion locking behavior of tablets has been adjusted  to reduce the amount of unnecessary locking occurrences. 

Version 1.75

New Features: Driver App

Customizable FLRA Items: Drivers can now specify custom FLRA hazards. These hazards are driver generated and order specific. They will populate the ticket exports and be  documented in the dispatcher app just like the default FLRA  options. 

Driver navigation: When driving and using the CD navigation, the view of the map will zoom in and out depending on  the speed of the truck and how close it is to it’s next turn.

New Features: Customer Mobile App

Broadcast messages: Messages sent via “Broadcast” will  be black in color and accompanied by a megaphone emoji.

The “Elements to pour” field will now default to “Other” f

Canceled Orders: Canceled order tiles will now be collapsed. Tapping on the tiles expands them, revealing their  details and allows further interaction.

New Features: Dispatcher App

Custom Order Form Fields: Customers that require a spe cific field to be added to their orders and XLSX exports can  now be accommodated using the “Custom Order Form  Fields”. 

In the Jobsite Administration, up to 8 customizable fields can  be added to the customer’s order form. These fields can be  marked as mandatory if necessary. Any values entered in  these fields will be included in the XLSX exports generated  by either dispatchers or customers.

Version 1.73

New Features: All Apps 

Custom Material Description: In all applications, the “Cus tom material description” that is originally entered in Sales force will be visible to customers, drivers, dispatchers etc.  

What you need to know: Customers have difficulty know ing what mix to choose from their jobsite contracts. Now, LH  businesses can personalize and customize the “Custom ma terial description” in Salesforce to help customer confident ly pick their right mix. These custom names will be visible  everywhere in the CD apps, but most importantly, they will  be seen in the order process.  

New Features: Customer App

Comments on tickets can now be added by customer.  

These comments will show up in the dispatcher’s view of  the tickets, on the PDF export, and in the XLSX export as  



Spotlight cards will now be used for important announce ments by the CD team within the app. These will arrive at  the top of the “Orders” screen when they have been initiated  by the CD team. ex: 

Unregistered phone numbers will be sent to the CD team.  If an unregistered customer, current or potential, downloads  the app, we will reach out to the LH business in their area  and facilitate a connection with that lead.

New Features: Dispatcher App

Adding users, which was plagued by slow loading, now  has improved back end architecture and will see quicker  load times.

Plant lists are now sorted alphabetically throughout the  dispatch app for easier navigation.

Orders will now be visible up to 30 days in the future.  

Previously, orders were only visible within the dispatcher  app if they were scheduled within 20 days from the current  date. This has been increased to include orders up to 30 days out.

Version 1.71

New Features

New Features

Dispatcher App and Customer App: 

The XLSX report generated in customer app or the dispatch app will now  contain the following columns: 

  1. Company 
  2. Ordered by (new) 
  3. Job site 
  4. Purchase order 
  5. Date 
  6. Order 
  7. Ticket code 
  8. Load 
  9. Plant (new) 
  10. Custom description 
  11. Mix code 
  12. Mix description 
  13. Slump (new) 
  14. Air content (new) 
  15. Additive code 
  16. Additive description 17.Extra charges 
  17. Start load (new) 
  18. On-site time (new) 20.Begin pouring time (new) 21.Washing time 
  19. Total this load 
  20. Total batched 
  21. Volume ordered 
  22. Wait time 
  23. Truck (new)  
  24. Driver (new) 
  25. Driver comments 
  26. Billing notes 
  27. Cylinders collected (new) 


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