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Real-Time Concrete Order
Tracking On Your Fingertips

ConcreteDirect provides all the capabilities required to schedule and track drivers and trucks on one screen, including truck routing, asset tracking; dispatch ticket information; pre-and-post trip data collection; and continuous order/status updates throughout the delivery process.

How concrete ordering tracking can help your business

Concrete Direct’s tracking abilities have you covered across all the stages of your concrete delivery. Concrete order tracking online can provide you with a lot more insight into your concrete delivery, along with control over the entire concrete delivery process. We do this by offering:

Truck Routing

Truck-specific routing to and from the job site based on vehicle dimensions and weight

Latest traffic information to provide minimal travel time between the plant and job site

Automatic rerouting during transit if traffic conditions change en route

asset tracking

dispatch ticket information

All relevant ticket information the driver needs

Product display, including mix batch weights

status information

Real-Time Concrete Order
Tracking On Your Fingertips

ConcreteDirect provides you with all the information you need regarding your
concrete order tracking online – in real-time. Here’s how that works:

Open the ConcreteDirect App.
Select the order you would like to track.
Press on a given load to track the truck.
Find all the required details, zoom in for more.

FAQs on Concrete Order Tracking Online

1. How do i know the status of my concrete order ?

To know the status of your concrete order, open the ConcreteDirect application and navigate to the order you would like to check the status of. Then, click on the load you would want to track. You will get a map on your screen with all the essential information required for concrete order tracking online.

2. How long does it take to implement ConcreteDirect for concrete order tracking?

Getting started with ConcreteDirect is pretty straightforward. You just need to download the application, sign up, and you’re ready to place your first order and track it as and when you require.

3. Do I need to use any particular device for real-time concrete order tracking?

Not necessarily. You can use any device with internet capabilities that have the ConcreteDirect application and log in to your account to view the status of your orders.