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Version 1.49

Bug fixes

  • On the day of delivery, some customers were experiencing orders being prematurely moved to the “Archived” screen. This issue has been corrected.
  • Some driver tablets were not updating to the current ticket and experiencing a “Slow connection” label. This issue has been corrected.

Feature Improvements: Customer App

  • The list of “Elements to pour” that a customer selects from when placing an order has been expanded to 32 items.
  • Instead of displaying “–:–”, the customer will now indicate that a truck has been “Ticketed” and “Loaded” in the ETA field of an order’s truck list. (see image)
  • ETA times sent to customers have been scaled up 20% to improve accuracy.
  • The progress bar has been improved to accurately display the total volume “Delivering”.
  • A “Delivered” watermark has been added to the delivery ticket.


Feature Improvements: Driver App

  • A “Delivered” watermark has been added to the driver’s delivery ticket.
  • “Offline Navigation”: Drivers will now be able to use the navigation feature even when in areas without cell phone service.

Version 1.47

Bug fixes:

  • Driver App: Screen locking up has been resolved.
  • Stability and performance enhancements to address recent ConcreteDirect outages.

Feature Improvements: Customer App

  • Report feature now uses calendar style date picker
  • Notifications grouped by jobsite (Android)
  • Push notifications now include project names to provide more context.

New Features: Customer App

Poured Volume Reports: Now, in the “Report” section, a customer can see how much concrete they poured  over a selected period of time. They can also decide to view the volumes by day, week, or month. (Now available in iOS and Android)

New Features: Dispatcher App

  1. User permission visibility: User research has shown that one of the reasons that customers hesitate to have their pump operators and laborers use the ConcreteDirect app is because they don’t want them ordering or messaging. 


The Read-Only Account Setting can be set for any user and will prevent them from being able to change or place orders. They are able to read messages and view orders but other functionality is removed. This setting is now displayed on the Jobsite Contacts table.

Version 1.45

Bug fixes: 

  1. In the Dispatch App, slump lengths over 8 characters long were getting stuck after being sent to Command. 
  2. In the Customer App, some users were experiencing the app freezing after selecting an order. 

Feature Improvements: Customer App 

  1. “Cancelled” Loads are no longer included on the customer CSV reports. 
  2. A visual cue has been added to highlight the ability to drop a pin on a map when placing in-app orders. 
  3. Notifications are now grouped by order in the notification center. 

Key Features: Customer App (Android only) 

1. Poured Volume Reports: Now, in the “Report” section, a customer can see how much concrete they poured over a selected period of time. They can also decide to view the volumes by day, week, or month. This feature is currently available on version 1.45 for Android and will be available on iOS devices at the next release, 4 weeks from now.


Version 1.44

Actionable User Feedback:


From Customers: “I can’t see my jobsite in the app.” 


Please check the probable causes before escalating:

  1.  No Project on Command order – ConcreteDirect’s design requires the orders to have a Project/Jobsite.  This is so mapping, truck tracking, and all other features can utilize the jobsite lat/long data.
  2. Delivery Method field in Command order is blank – this is a bug that has been identified and hope to have fixed in a few weeks.


From Drivers: “I can’t see my ticket in the app”


Please check the probable causes before escalating:

  1. No project on Command order.
  2. Delivery Method field in Command order is blank.
  3. Max Load size on truck in Command is blank.

Key Features: New Messaging Layout

  1. In the top left of the dispatch app screen, “Messages” is now “Customer Chats” and counts the number of orders with unanswered messages (not total number of messages).                                                                  
  2. On the new “Customer chats” screen, unanswered chats are now displayed in a chronological list with an “Answered” archive below for easy review of recent conversations.                                                                                             
  3. A message is not “read” or “unread” anymore. Now it is “answered” or “unanswered” for you and all of your colleagues. Now you can read a message without worrying about it being marked as “read” until you resolve it by either answering it or hitting the “No response required” button.                                                                   

Version 1.43

Actionable User Feedback:

Customers don’t like placing orders through the app because of the long wait time between submitting the order, and receiving confirmation.


Bug Fixes:

  • Trucks “Not tracking” on customer app but “Tracking” on dispatcher app.
  • Ticket showing previous times
  • Push notifications with incorrect ETA’s
  • iOS devices experiencing freezing on large orders (thousands of yards)
  • Trucks not moving on customer map
  • Android devices crashing when opening order details with no messages


Key Features & Integrations:

Driver App

  1. Drivers can now “long tap” on the map interface to drop a pin and navigate to that area.


2. Drivers are now provided a list of the 5 closest plants to them to eliminate having to search for commonly used locations.


Customer App

  1. Closed notification settings gap: CD now detects if the users phone has notifications disabled and alerts them when they are adjusting notification settings in-app.

Version 1.42

ConcreteDirect Release Notes 

Customer App Released: July 29, 2019 version 1.42

Driver App Expected: August 2, 2019 

Bug fixed:

  • Fixed: Customer App now specifies multiple order items delivery times.


  • Fixed: Driver App MPH and KPH issue fixed.

Key Features & Integrations

[Customer App] Customers can now share every ticket from an order, or of a mix type, all at once:

  1. Navigate to a ticket and tap the “Share” icon on the top right.
  2. Select whether to share a single ticket, every ticket of that mix, or every ticket of that order.
  3. Select whether to share by text app, email, etc.
  4. Fill in the recipient and hit send.

You will receive a message or email with a link to download the tickets as one single PDF.

[Customer App] Customers can customize the notifications they receive:

  1. Open the hamburger menu on the top left of the app.
  2. Tap the settings item in the menu.
  3. Select “Notifications”.
  4. Toggle which notifications you’d like on and off.

Version 1.41

Expected: July 15, 2019 version 1.41


  • Fixed:  Dispatch app periodic crashes with recent Google Chrome release.
  • Fixed: Dispatch app view of driver active tablet (“the green dot”) updating more frequently than the current 2 minutes to allow better driver/tablet management. 

Key Features & Integrations

  • Customer app notification settings:

  • Customer app: French and Spanish translation of push notifications.

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  • Version 1.49
  • Version 1.47
  • Version 1.45
  • Version 1.44
  • Version 1.43
  • Version 1.42
  • Version 1.41