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General conditions of sale app March 22, 2020

General conditions of sale app March 22, 2020

Aggregate Industries Management Inc., Lattimore Materials Corp., Lafarge Canada Inc., Holcim (US) Inc. and each of their respective parent companies, subsidiaries and affiliates are collectively and individually referred to as “the Seller”)



This concrete has been proportioned and mixed in accordance with applicable specifications. No water can be added by truck mixer operator without authorization of consignee and at consignee’s sole risk.

The purchaser shall be responsible for promptly providing, upon arrival, a safe and practical location for the delivery and unloading of the product.  The Seller does not accept responsibility, and purchaser agrees that the Seller shall have no liability, for any injuries suffered by any person in connection with any attempt to add material to, or modify in any other way, concrete obtained from the Seller.

Hot/Cold Weather Procedures

Concrete placed during hot/cold weather requires special procedures. Appropriate placing procedures are the responsibility of the purchaser and must be in accordance with the recommended practices as indicated by the applicable local standards (ASTM, ACT, CSA).

Design Strength & Characteristics

The concrete shall yield the stated strength on the day specified based on the strength of laboratory cured cylinders and evaluated in accordance with the recommended practices as indicated by the applicable local standards (ASTM, ACT, CSA).


Concrete Color


The Seller makes every reasonable effort to achieve consistency in concrete color. However, due to fluctuations during the cement manufacturing process and inconsistencies with placement and finishing techniques, variations in the shade or color of the concrete may result. Accordingly, consistency in concrete color is not guaranteed.




Additional Terms and Conditions

All other terms and conditions shall be as set out in the quotation provided to the purchaser by the Seller, including the Seller’s standard terms and conditions attached and/or referenced therein.



By signing or using the App, or, in the event that a signature is not provided, the location and time indicated on the App will govern as the location and time of delivery and act as satisfactory acceptance of the delivery. I represent and warrant that I am authorized to consent to the following on the purchaser’s behalf. I relieve the Seller of any and all liability, including, without limitation, for personal injury or property damage when delivery is made beyond the curb/”inside lot” line. I further acknowledge by signing or using the App that I have reviewed the information on the electronic ticket. I certify that I have received the quantity and product type ordered and relieve the Seller of any further liability therefor. For FOB orders, I certify that my vehicle complies with applicable local, state/provincial and federal weight limitations and operating requirements.